My Superman Obsession


Another Comic Con has come and gone, and Eddy is left with an empty hole inside of his heart the shape of several thousand cosplay costumes, star-studded panels and epic movie trailers. Add this convention to the list of things I might commit a crime to attend one day, along with E3. Because of this, I’ve been in the superhero mindset as of late, which really doesn’t take too long, seeing as how I’m a bit obsessed, and have been since I was but a wee lad, as they say. Continue reading →

Another Trip Around the Sun

Last Thursday marked the passing of my 27th year on this island Earth, and it went down much like any other annual “congrats for being alive” milestone before it: with general fatitude and revelry. What made this birthday weekend more remarkable than recent years was probably that it coincided with the Web Zeroes wrap party, and my youngest brother Kyle coming in town. It made for one exhausting and fun weekend, particularly as I reminisced on the nerdy shows we’ve made. I’m not sure if it was encouraging or a letdown to consider that I began pursuing my creative endeavors when I was 24, but I’m still on the good side of 30 I suppose, with lots of good writing or basket weaving years left in these bones. Continue reading →