Here is my life in a blurb.

I’m a geeky dude that lives in Houston, Texas. I am currently employed as a copywriter, but I also love creating and telling stories. I’ve been involved in the co-creation of some goofy stuff with SmoothFewFilms including Web Zeroes. I’ve also written for RoosterTeeth’s Red Vs Blue. My wife is my best bud. We like to talk about healthy food, watch TV and work out. I’m supposed to write a sentence here about how I’m super lucky, and that’s very true even if it is predictable. Our little girl is our biggest adventure and challenge all in one.

On top of all of that, I’m a Christ follower. I have lots of goals for this site, including writing stories, writing about stories, telling stories about my faith and nerds and redemption and the Internet. Hopefully you enjoy reading it.