OK, I know I’m going to get called for a serious latepass on this, but I thought I might as well post the glorious Double Rainbow meme that’s been circling the Web like a satellite recently. This particular set of videos falls under the category of stuff that gets increasingly funnier every single time I watch it.

It really must be experienced in both respective parts: the original, in which a hiker freaks out about a double rainbow. Then, the remix, in which the audio from the first clip is auto-tuned. They produce in me a feeling that can only be called pure and unadulterated joy.

The Original:

Double Rainbow Song Remix:

Seriously, the harmony those guys strike in the end is audio bliss to the highest degree. If their voices were butter I’d put it in on my toast and eat it, in the non-creepiest way possible.

While I don’t mean to turn this into a huge discussion, one of the things I’ve been lamenting lately is that I so rarely see original content and creativity go viral these days. I’m getting so sick of watching the latest derivative fan work based on an existing intellectual property get passed around with no hopes of sustaining itself long term. But these guys took something great and made something even greater. Kudos to them.

Now, assail me with your latepass claims. I welcome it.

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