Some days they’re fighting each other and others they’re teaming up to save the world. What doesn’t change? No matter the form, the Red vs. Blue war rages on!

Red vs Blue is one of the OG web series out there, and is still running to this day. I co-wrote Season 10 of this enormous show alongside creator Burnie Burns and longtime Rooster Teeth creative Miles Luna.

Red Vs Blue Season 10

I also contributed to the series’s library of PSAs, which are non-canonical, humorous shorts.

RvB PSA: Higgs Bozos

RvB PSA: Online Survival

In addition, I worked on the writing portion of the a “Best Of” DVD compilation of Red Vs Blue’s funniest, most epic and ridiculous moments, as voted by the show’s fans. A project I wrote in 2012, the DVD is presented as an awards show, with new content and skits starring the show’s main cast.

The Best Red Vs Blue DVD Ever