More than You can Chew

As a dude that used to weigh 300 plus pounds, I think I can safely say that sometimes I bite off more than what is necessary or smart. I do this both literally and in my creative life. Although in the last couple of years, less in both.

Part of what kept me from writing for the longest time was that I was always overambitious in what I wanted to accomplish with a story. Continue reading →

Blogging Cliches

This is where I write a cliche blog post about how I haven’t blogged in a long time. It’s where I also say that I’m going to be doing more on here in the next few weeks. Both of those things are true, but I figured it was good to go ahead and get it out of the way, just so there’s a mutual understanding between us. In keeping with blogging cliches, here are what some of my next few posts are going to be about:

1. Why Everything Is Awful, Everywhere

2. How that One Thing Is Not as Good as it Used to Be, Back Then

3. 10 Tips for Talking a Big Game in Tip Posts

4. A Post About My New Hobby, Amateur Photography

5. Everyone Is Wrong About x Subject Continue reading →

The Killer Panda

Long time since I’ve posted, but I’ve got a perfectly justifiable and no good reason for that named Halo: Reach. It has taken over my life, my sleeping schedule and my thoughts. Also, Seven Sons is hitting the home stretch so I’ve been focused on that.

Anyway, when I’m not doing those things I am laughing hysterically at this killer panda. Continue reading →

The Raggedy Edge

standing on the edgeIn the realm of things that are totally are-you-freaking-kidding-me ridiculous: last night, I officially hit my goal of writing 100,000 words for Seven Sons. There was no fanfare associated with this, nobody standing there and cheering or popping champagne bottles, but it was an event for me nonetheless.

The threshold was crossed on the following sentence: A few lies would set them back on their way just as easily as a blade, but the death would only mean questions later.

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Seven Sons Prologue

When this site got up and running finally, I promised a small glimpse at the opening section of my novel, Seven Sons. So, I figured I’d make good on that. Here is a (very) rough version of what I have in mind for the prologue. If you need a primer on Sons, I’d suggest you go read up on that first.

Something I feel that I should point out: once again, this is a rough draft, so nothing here is final. That includes characters, titles, etc. Anything is fair game to change. At the moment, I’m writing for quantity over quality. This hasn’t been edited much, because the idea is that the heavy revising will happen in the next draft. The main goal right now is simply to get to the end. That’s the hard part. Going back and making it sound pretty is the simple stuff. So, I would appreciate it if you could keep it easy on grammatical critiques, as it’s not the thing I’m concerned with at the moment. I’m sure there are a great many. Also, it should be noted that this opening POV is from Jonas, a thieving, conning, all around rotten dude.

So, now that those caveats are out of the way, feel free to read and tell me what you think. Continue reading →

Seven Sons, That Book I’m Writing

Every time someone asks me what my dream job is, I always say a sci-fi/fantasy author. If I could make money writing cheesy books for the rest of my life, I’d be a terribly happy man. The only thing better would be getting paid to play video games, but even that would lose some of its enjoyment after a time. And this is coming from a video game nut.

At the end of last year, I decided to finally try my hand at writing a novel. I’ve had ideas of doing it for the longest time, big ideas that I’ve been keeping in my backpocket until they were developed enough. I decided to finally go for it because I accidentally caught that my word count of blog posts on GamerSushi and SmoothFewFilms combined came out to a total of 250,000. This was with just 2 years of posting. If you’re unaware of just how many words that is, imagine one of the later Harry Potter books, or anything in the Wheel of Time series. That roughly translates to around 800 pages or more of sheer nerdy prose, and I had done it by accident, accumulating volumes of words by posting a few hundred each night. I figured, well, if I can do that, I can do the same thing towards an original story for an entire year and see what happens.

Enter my novel, whose working title at the moment is Seven Sons. Continue reading →