As an Internet savant, it’s only natural that I discovered podcasts five years after everyone else. For some reason, I’ve missed out on these little Mp3 nuggets of goodness. Not that I was unaware of their existence, but let’s get real- who has time for them when they have important things to do like play video games and re-watch seasons of Dexter? Not this guy.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve downloaded just a handful of podcasts including Rooster Teeth’s Drunk Tank as well as Brandon Sanderson’s Writing Excuses to listen to them at work. It’s a great little way to get in the zone, and with Writing Excuses in particular, gives me some cool inspiration for that novel writing fad I’ve hopped into. Another one on my list would be the Penny Arcade D&D podcasts, which I’ve heard are just sidesplitting in their hilarity (or hilariousness, if you prefer that word).

Anyway, this is where I ask you what podcasts you recommend for me, this fledgling Web user who has apparently missed a boat that sailed a long, long time ago. Do not judge me too harshly.