Lessons Learned from Third (and Fourth and Fifth) Drafts

I am in the midst of the fifth draft of my young adult monster hunter romp, affectionately known as ItB around these parts (although the title is most certainly changing). I’ve probably done more on the book in the last three to four months than I did in its first year.

Looking back, it seems inappropriate to even call the thing a book in the state that it lived for its first year. It was more like a book’s embryo. The little tadpole looking thing you see on ultrasounds, filled with potential but in need of some incubation and life goo.

What lit the fire under me to start all these drafts? Continue reading →

Shredding and Editing

I’ve been anticipating 2011 as the year of the revision, much like 2010 was the year of the first draft. As such, this means that I’m now tackling the lengthy process of printing, reading and revising, and so far it’s been a mixed bag.

Oddly enough, I actually decided to revise the most recent book first, the fully fleshed out version of In the Blood (although that will not be the final title). I came to this conclusion for a number of reasons. Continue reading →