Yikes. Sometimes time pulls away from you. That’s normal, I guess. You get busy, bogged down, tied up in things, and a few days slip by before you can even realize it. But sometimes, it’s a few months.

I feel like I hopped in a DeLorean or fast-forwarded through the last 90 days or so of 2011. Things have been bananas, and not in the fruity, delicious way. As a result, I accidentally abandoned my Harry Potter blog, but that shall return soon. I promise I have a few good reasons.

1. Traveling

I wouldn’t call myself a jet setter, really, but I did end up out of town about four or fives times from October through November. This included a visit to Rooster Teeth in Austin (more on that in a moment) and trips to Galveston and Orlando for work. Oh, and back in October I went to a cool place in Seattle. I’m not really able to talk about it much, but here’s a picture:

And I’ll just leave it at that.

2. Writing

I finally buckled down on the second draft of In the Blood. I’m just a couple of chapters away from ridding myself of that beast (only to start a new beast in January), but unfortunately it had to come at the expense of the blog. Someday I’ll figure out how to have a good balance between those two.

In terms of other writing, I’ve also started a freelancing gig with the aforementioned Rooster Teeth in Austin to do some writing and revisions for Red Vs Blue Season 10. I will not bore you with the amount of squees that I utter daily about this. As a long time fan of Red Vs Blue and RT in general, I’m kind of geeking out every time I get to take a pass at the script. I first became enamored with RvB all the way back in its first season, so getting to work on Season 10 is a nerd’s dream come true. Needless to say, clocking in some hours for them has taken away some of my time here.

3. Life Stuff

My brother got married in October, which, if you’ve ever had a close family member get married, that tends to drop a bomb into a couple of weeks of your personal life. I was also busy training at my Krav Maga school for another rank test that I passed just a couple of weeks ago. This officially makes me a P3 and eligible for instructor training next year. Who knows if that’ll happen or not, though.

And last but not least, my wife’s pregnant. So there’s that as well. I’m pretty thrilled with this piece of news. Jen’s dad doesn’t want to know the gender, so if you’re reading this, Jim, look away now – the rest of you can know that we’re having a little girl in April. Can’t wait. Seriously.

And that about sums it up. With the nutty fall behind me, I’m going to resume the Harry Potter blog, post some thoughts about my writing process, post some pictures I’ve been taking as I get used to my new Canon T2i (purchased for the little one) and just generally plan on having a good time here. So yeah. Stay tuned, friends.

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