As many of you know (unless you have been in cryosleep since the 90’s, in which case, you really ought to avoid the Speed movies), all things Harry Potter have come to a crushing halt now that the eighth and final movie has released. For many of us aspiring Gryffindors and Aurors, Potterdom will never be the same.

This sad realization launched me on a consumicas totalus campaign for all things related to the Boy Who Lived, which included a re-watch of all the films and has now lead me to a re-read of the novels themselves. Basically, I’ve decided that I’m going to break each book down with a couple of blog posts as I go through them, and hopefully we can have some cool discussions about Harry Potter, sacrifice, love, death, the deep, old magic of stories and everything in between.

I’m about halfway through Sorcerer’s Stone, so expect a blog post recapping that sometime in the next few days.

Any suggestions for a name for this series of posts? Anything you think I should focus on and watch out for as I’m traversing through J. K. Rowling’s marvelous prose? I’m already teeming with ideas and have a smattering of notes that I’m anxious to write about.

Help a brother out.

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