Sometimes I like to pat myself on the back for sticking with things. Like spending 40-60 hours to beat an RPG. Or writing almost 75,000 words on a book. Or making hours and hours of Web content. Or just getting up on time and making it into work without looking like one of the special infected in Left 4 Dead.

I suppose these are all accomplishments, but they pale in comparison to this guy who made San Francisco out of toothpicks. It’s either tenacity or insanity. Or both. But I love it. I guess writing a few hundred words a night isn’t nearly as big of a deal as adding a few hundred toothpicks a night for 35 years.

You know, I’m actually more surprised that this thing didn’t fall to pieces or rot or get knocked over by accident more than the fact that the guy finished it. Also, my interest in it perked up ten fold when I realized you cold roll ping pong balls through it. How lame am I?

So I guess next time you think you need some more persistence, watch this. Or, you know, make something.

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